Senator Sustain

Reduce • Reuse • Recycle

The more furniture we knowingly throw away, the more we continue to harm the environment whilst wasting valuable materials and money!

Made up of 5 Key Components, including Woods, Metals, Plastics, Fabrics and Foams all Office Furniture can be recycled. With 40 Years of Manufacturing Experience, as part of The Senator Group, Sustain knows what’s what when it comes to the best way to dispose of, dismantle and disassemble unwanted items.

Each different type of board (Melamine Faced Chipboard, Medium Density Fiberboard or pure timber), is recycled in several different ways.
All of the Wood is then loaded in to large, purpose bought Bio-Mass Boilers used to heat our Factories around the UK.

Metal in the furniture is separated from the other materials using handheld power tools. The main two metals used in office furniture are Aluminium and Steel, both of these metals can be recycled many times, and so it’s very important that none are thrown to landfill.

Office furniture will usually be of the following polymers: PVC, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Nylon and Polyurethane.
All the different plastics are removed from the furniture, their polymer identified and then segregated accordingly.
All hard plastics are granulated and turned into plastics granules or pellets. These granules can then be extruded into a variety of new products, including components for new office furniture.